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“Disregard that all tales are lies,
though not all lies are tales.”

Quote: Carlos Ruíz Zafón

Why a wine was named after a donkey
and that a singing one of the kind.
Many answers or none may come to mind
but the reason is in history to find.

Once upon a time
in the outskirts of a town in Spain
one that from a river took its name
the donkeys were forced to thresh the grain.
They worked and worked till they were sore
but after having finished their chore
the peasants had something nice in store.
In a landscape covered with corn and vine
there was a plot that fitted fine
to let the donkeys resign.

The donkeys would lie down
or just walk around
whilst making their very particular sound.
This was referred to by a peasant however incessant
to be so very pleasant.
While the donkeys were braying
it goes without saying
that the wives of the peasants were praying
for their husbands to return by dine
and that in a sober state of mind
without having bested their intake of wine.

This little story reveals the origin of the name
in the honor of a donkey it has its fame

and even though it was not the aim
after a glass or two of this fine wine
the hurdles of pronunciation decline
revealing a bouquet so utterly divine.